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I don't do web design. And if I did, I would probably be the worst freelance web designer in the world. But I get asked about it a lot by those worried their website is holding back their SEO efforts. I highly recommend Shopblocks and WordPress for websites for their flexibility, the fact that lots of common technical SEO issues are either dealt with out of the box or are fixable within it and you can make speedy websites on both platforms.

I don’t do web design.

But I can recommend some people who do…

I’m a Non Exec for Shopblocks, which is a cracking e-commerce and website platform based out of Stockport, Greater Manchester. The platform has been built from the ground up with SEO as a core consideration. And that’s not just marketing jargon. It really was!

Their team of onboarding experts are essentially speedy web designers, able to put you a site live on Shopblocks quickly (whether you’ve got the designs ready yet or not).

I don’t get involved directly with web builds for Shopblocks but to see a demo, you can contact them directly here >>>

Contact Shopblocks

Whichever web designer you use…

A few things I think really do matter from an SEO point of view where web design is concerned.


I’m very clear that SEO is my thing. I don’t do PPC and while I can knock a quick WordPress website together, I really shouldn’t be trusted with web design either. As much as I believe that SEO is best delivered by specialists, I believe web design and development is too.


Most of the clients I deal with need a flexible, SEO ready website that they can quickly and easily manage by themselves once it’s live. It’s, frankly, a pain in the rear to have to go back to your provider every single time you want a small change.

SEO Ready

Simply having a well optimised platform won’t make you rank instantly. But a well optimised, SEO ready website platform is an essential foundation to success in the search engines. Look for a platform that’s built with SEO success in mind or a provider who understands it.


A fast website is absolutely critical both in terms of SEO and, just as importantly, in terms of your users’ experience and thus likelihood to make an enquiry or a purchase on your site. Choose a provider who builds websites with speed in mind.

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Here’s a handful of the lovely things my clients have had to say.

Stacey has carried out some exceptional SEO work for us, helping to define our keyword strategy, improve our on site content and produce a thorough SEO strategy for our business. We saw improved organic results within weeks. She has also provided training to our team and acts as a really valuable support resource for us from an SEO point of view. Whenever we have queries about SEO, Stacey always gets back us incredibly quickly with a really considered response. Just as importantly as all of that though is the fact she has a clear understanding of our business and how her work ties in to our overall business objectives.

Nicola LandoFounder,

Working with Stacey has been incredibly beneficial for us. She took the time to understand our business, our target customer and how we set ourselves apart from our competitors. This resulted in incredibly thorough SEO work that was not only technically and strategically sound, but that also made sense for our business. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Stacey as an SEO Consultant.

Michael MontgomeryHead of Digital Acquisition, Vita Group

Stacey has helped us with our SEO strategy and execution on our website. Her help has ensured that our rankings have been consistently strong, which in turn has been instrumental in driving our business growth. Stacey is the best consultant we've worked with by far and comes with my highest recommendation.

Dr Sheri JacobsonClinical Director, Harley Therapy