Freelance SEO Consultant

Hello! I’m a freelance SEO consultant based in Manchester. It’s my job to increase sales or enquiries through my clients’ websites. I offer SEO services with measurable business results from my base in Oldham to businesses across Greater Manchester, the rest of the UK and globally. With over a decade of experience, I became freelance in January 2018 before establishing a tiny consultancy of 6 outside Manchester.

Stacey has helped us with our SEO strategy and execution on our website. Her help has ensured that our rankings have been consistently strong, which in turn has been instrumental in driving our business growth. Stacey is the best consultant we've worked with by far and comes with my highest recommendation.
Dr Sheri Jacobson
Clinical Director, Harley Therapy
Stacey has uncovered some great opportunities for us on the SEO side of things and we began to see positive impact on organic traffic within just a couple of weeks of her starting her work with her. She is a great support to our team and he most knowledgable SEO consultant we're worked with.
Nicola Lando
Founder, Sous Chef

Bespoke SEO Built Around Your Objectives

Let’s not dive right into the technical stuff.  SEO starts with your business objectives. So you’ll have to excuse what will probably feel like something of a Spanish Inquisition on our first chat. But I need to know what your business goals are and what success looks like in SEO terms for you.

Whether it’s a certain number of new enquiries or a revenue target, we start with your business goals, ascertain what’s needed to achieve them and work out two things. First, is SEO the solution here? And then secondly, if it is, what do we need to do to hit those targets? As a freelancer, I want to take on work I know I can deliver against. So I don’t think your goals are achievable, I’ll tell you and can potentially refer you to people better suited to help with other services such as PPC.

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My SEO Services

My involvement varies from client to client. Since becoming a freelance SEO consultant, one of the biggest benefits has been my ability to be more flexible in terms of my involvement for clients. Not everyone needs to outsource every element of their SEO and I tend to work with businesses with hugely varying internal resource and expertise. For some clients, I carry out all the research, create the SEO strategy and implement it. For others, I’m involved in training the team and acting as a support resource for them.

Some spend time at our office in Saddleworth, Greater Manchester working alongside us on various projects, we visit others in their premises. Here are some of the areas of SEO I’m most commonly involved with:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is all about identifying how your prospective customers are searching for your products and services. It's also the stage at which I look to uncover other searches and queries that people make that implies they might have a need for your product in the near future.

Technical SEO

Getting under the hood of your website and identifying anything from a technical perspective that could be holding your SEO performance back. From internal duplication, to indexing problems and site speed issues, a technical audit is a key step to getting your website in ship shape.


With your keyword strategy at the forefront, content auditing and strategy is all about ensuring you've got the right content on the right pages on your site to win visibility in the most relevant areas. I assess existing content assets and identify opportunities for new content.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding the activity, strengths and weaknesses of your SEO competitors is vital to helping shape the strategy and make realistic projects about progress, timescales and potential of your campaign. A competitor analysis document assesses competitors' websites, content, link profiles and other marketing activity.

Link Building

I create assets that generate links and link opportunities and carry out activities like pitching expert comment to journalists in order to secure those all important links to your website.

Reporting & Analysis

Thoroughly assessing SEO performance, where revenue is coming from, what activity is correlating with improvements and where the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats lie in your campaign. I deliver results in plain English in terms that everyone involved in the business will understand,

Some things I don't do...

The blessing and curse of freelance consultancy is that I’m definitely not a one stop shop for anything digital marketing. I’ll be honest. I am, frankly, bang average at PPC. So I don’t do it. And as much I wish I could build websites, I can’t. So I don’t. If you’re looking for services beyond SEO, I’m happy to refer you to people I know, but I’m unable to take on work outside of SEO and content related activity. 

Let's Talk SEO

If you’re looking to get more enquiries, sales or revenue out of your SEO, then let’s have a chat. Give us a call or drop us an email. Or, if you prefer face to face, just let us know. We can arrange for you pop into our office (in Greater Manchester). We might even stick the kettle on.