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I offer SEO services with measurable business results from my base in Oldham to businesses across Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK.

Stacey has helped us with our SEO strategy and execution on our website. Her help has ensured that our rankings have been consistently strong, which in turn has been instrumental in driving our business growth. Stacey is the best consultant we've worked with by far and comes with my highest recommendation.

Dr Sheri JacobsonClinical Director, Harley Therapy

SEO with Measurable Results

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No two businesses are identical, so no two SEO campaigns should be either. Benefit from an SEO strategy and campaign tailored to YOUR business and goals.


For some of my clients, I’m responsible for the end to end delivery of their SEO campaign. For others, I’m simply a support for their in house team. My role depends on your needs.

Objectives Driven

I work with my clients to set clear and measurable objectives for any freelance SEO work. The objectives simply have to contribute meaningfully to the overall goals of your business.


Shared documentation, reports and activity lists help to ensure that my clients know exactly what I’ll be doing and when. SEO works best when everyone is on the same page and knows what’s happening.

My Approach

to SEO

I've spent a decade learning the ins and outs of SEO both agency-side and as a freelancer, with hands on experience across multiple sectors. My work ranges from local campaigns for local Greater Manchester based SMEs to large campaigns for huge organisations looking to acquire customers globally in extremely competitive spaces.

While there are some principles that remain consistent in SEO whatever site you're working on, each campaign is built from scratch based on the needs, objectives and resources of the business I'm working with.

Before I get started on any campaign, I've got a lot of questions to ask! So brace yourself for the Spanish Inquisition in our early conversations as I get to grips with your business. I'll need to understand your products and services, who your competitors are, what your business objectives are and who your customers are. Only then can I begin to carry out research to identify how your potential customers are looking for your products and services.

Once we've established that, I can set to work making sure it's YOU they find when they're looking.

SEO - What I Do

My involvement varies from client to client. For some clients, I carry out all the research, create the SEO strategy and implement it. For others, I'm involved in training the team and acting as a support resource for them. Here are some of the areas of SEO I'm most commonly involved with:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is all about identifying how your prospective customers are searching for your products and services. It's also the stage at which I look to uncover other searches and queries that people make that implies they might have a need for your product in the near future.

Technical Auditing

Getting under the hood of your website and identifying anything from a technical perspective that could be holding your SEO performance back. From internal duplication, to indexing problems and site speed issues, a technical audit is a key step to getting your website in ship shape.

Content Auditing

With your keyword strategy at the forefront, content auditing is all about ensuring you've got the right content on the right pages on your site to win visibility in the most relevant areas. I assess existing content assets and dientify opportunities for new content.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding the activity, strengths and weaknesses of your SEO competitors is vital to helping shape the strategy and make realistic projects about progress, timescales and potential of your campaign. A competitor analysis document assesses competitors' websites, content, link profiles and other marketing activity.

Link Building

Still to this day, link building has a huge bearing on your SEO performance. My involvement in link building for SEO clients includes tactical work (editorial contribution, unlinked mention claiming, image distribution etc) and larger content marketing projects with an outreach/digital PR spin.

Reporting and Analysis

Thoroughly assessing SEO performance, where revenue is coming from, what activity is correlating with improvements and where the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats lie in your campaign. I deliver results in plain English in terms that everyone involved in the business will understand,

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Here’s a handful of the lovely things my clients have had to say.

“Stacey has carried out some exceptional SEO work for us, helping to define our keyword strategy, improve our on site content and produce a thorough SEO strategy for our business. We saw improved organic results within weeks. She has also provided training to our team and acts as a really valuable support resource for us from an SEO point of view. Whenever we have queries about SEO, Stacey always gets back us incredibly quickly with a really considered response. Just as importantly as all of that though is the fact she has a clear understanding of our business and how her work ties in to our overall business objectives.”

Nicola LandoFounder, Souschef.co.uk

“Working with Stacey has been incredibly beneficial for us. She took the time to understand our business, our target customer and how we set ourselves apart from our competitors. This resulted in incredibly thorough SEO work that was not only technically and strategically sound, but that also made sense for our business. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Stacey as an SEO Consultant.”

Michael MontgomeryHead of Digital Acquisition, Vita Group

“Stacey has helped us with our SEO strategy and execution on our website. Her help has ensured that our rankings have been consistently strong, which in turn has been instrumental in driving our business growth. Stacey is the best consultant we've worked with by far and comes with my highest recommendation.”

Dr Sheri JacobsonClinical Director, Harley Therapy