Freelance Outreach and Digital PR

Hello! I’m a freelance SEO and content specialist with a background in using outreach and digital PR to achieve links and coverage. I don’t do lots of large scale outreach as a standalone projects anymore. But the more scalable techniques I lean towards these days do land links in high quality news sites, online magazines and other websites. So if you’re looking for a freelancer who can help to land links in press, I may still be able to help.

Stacey has helped us with our SEO strategy and execution on our website. Her help has ensured that our rankings have been consistently strong, which in turn has been instrumental in driving our business growth. Stacey is the best consultant we've worked with by far and comes with my highest recommendation.
Dr Sheri Jacobson
Clinical Director, Harley Therapy
Stacey has uncovered some great opportunities for us on the SEO side of things and we began to see positive impact on organic traffic within just a couple of weeks of her starting her work with her. She is a great support to our team and he most knowledgable SEO consultant we're worked with.
Nicola Lando
Founder, Sous Chef

Digital PR and Outreach for Links

Outreach and digital PR activity, done well, can offer a ton of marketing related benefits. Amongst them – links! But if you’re looking for a digital PR freelancer with the core objective being tied to SEO performance, simply emailing hundreds of journalists with something you’ve created isn’t the only way (and isn’t always the most effective way) to go about it. Below is some information about digital PR related services I can offer.

Digital PR for Links

If you’re looking for a digital PR freelancer to help with offline coverage, brand awareness or more traditional PR goals, then I’m probably not the specialist for you! However, if your digital PR activity is intended as a link building activity, I may be able to help. Here are some of the services I can offer here and you read more about my wider link building offering.

Inbound PR

Finding opportunities to place your expertise, your comment or your products in the press at the time journalists are actively looking for them using HARO, pre-built relationships and a number of other services similar to that. In addition, we proactively pitch our clients to journalists who regularly use external sources.

Product Placement

For ecommerce brands, getting in those "Best..." round ups in big news outlets is an opportunity to land links and generate direct sales as well. From gifting round ups to reviews on big websites with huge audiences, we can get your product seen by the journalists writing about products for your audience.

Content for Links

Producing newsworthy content to promote through outreach is something I do. But I also produce content assets designed to continue to generate links passively over time long after you've finished your outreach campaign, making link building much more scalable.

Some things I don't do...

I don’t do “offline” PR or social media centric PR activity. I can certainly recommend a freelancer on that side of things if you’re looking for one. Any PR centric activity I do is online led with links a core part of how the activity is measured.

Let's Talk Digital PR

If you’re looking for a freelance digital PR or outreach professional with a view to building BIG links, I’d be happy to talk through your objectives with you to see if might be a good fit. Either drop us an email, pick up the phone or even pop into the office for cuppa and a chat.