Freelance Link Building Services

Hello! I’m a freelance SEO consultant based in Manchester and I specialise in link building. When I say “link building,” I’m NOT talking about begging bloggers or cold emailing thousands of journalists. I’m talking about creating assets that generate links for your website without the needs for large scale cold outreach.

Scalable, authentic links from sites that value your content and digital assets.

Stacey has helped us with our SEO strategy and execution on our website. Her help has ensured that our rankings have been consistently strong, which in turn has been instrumental in driving our business growth. Stacey is the best consultant we've worked with by far and comes with my highest recommendation.
Dr Sheri Jacobson
Clinical Director, Harley Therapy
Stacey has uncovered some great opportunities for us on the SEO side of things and we began to see positive impact on organic traffic within just a couple of weeks of her starting her work with her. She is a great support to our team and he most knowledgable SEO consultant we're worked with.
Nicola Lando
Founder, Sous Chef

Link Building Services that Scale

Outreach and Digital PR activities definitely have their place. But I’ve found them frustrating to scale over the years. And that’s why link building for me now is about creating assets (like imagery, research pieces, in depth guide content or other materials) that generate links passively because people are already actively looking for such content to cite or use in their own online content. 

My Link Building Services

My approach to link building differs from project to project depending on objectives, sector, resources already available on the site, links already in place and level of competition. But here are some of the different ways I approach link building for my UK and global clients.

Image Link Building

Millions of people look for imagery online every single day. And if they haven't got a budget for a fancy pants stock photo, Creative Commons Licensed photos can be a great option for them. By identifying a gap in the available Creative Commons Imagery available online (relevant to your niche) and filling it, you can get people using your imagery and attributing by linking to your site as the copyright holder.

Research Content

Writers often go off to Google to look for statistics and facts surrounding the topic they're writing on. For example, if someone's writing about a great new sleep technique, they might introduce their article with some background stats on how many of us suffer poor sleep. By identifying the types of in demand information around your sector and producing valuable research pieces to meet them, you can secure scalable, passive links over time.

Inbound PR

Pitching expertise, comment or products to journalists at the exact moment they're looking for them is an excellent way to land links, credible media placement and build relationships with journalists as well. We work with clients to get them placed in relevant, high quality and well visited online news outlets, magazines and websites to build links and credibility.

Link Building Examples

Some examples of our link building are below. If you’d like to see more case studies and examples please get in touch.

250+ Links to Research

A simple piece of research on Insomnia Statistics led to over 200 domains (and growing) for a supplements brand. Passively acquired links include those from the Independent, Stylist, The Guardian and ITV.

Creative Commons Images

A bank of images built for our test site, Micro Biz Mag, has secured over 100 links including this one on the Big Issue Website.

link building services examples

150+ Links to Research

A simple piece of research for our test site, Micro Biz Mag, on freelance statistics in the UK. So far, the piece has produced over 150 inbound referring domains (without a single outreach email) including 

Let's Talk Link Building

If you’ve identified link building as an area holding your SEO efforts back and want some help, get in touch. We can have an initial chat on the phone or, if you’re local to Greater Manchester, you’re very welcome to come into the office for a coffee and a chat!