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Many first time developers and business owners begin to use the tools at Google Analytics without taking the time to learn how they work and implement them effectively in order to get the most out of their experience. Regardless of how long you have been working in the world of Internet marketing, SEO or web development, you can always learn something new. Check out our Top 70 List of the Best Google Analytics Resources for tips, ideas and techniques from the experts that will help you to maximize your website’s potential.

Google Analytics Beginners

If you are totally new to Google Analytics and are just beginning to learn about the world of web development and marketing, these tools will help you get off to a great start.

#1 – A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics (SearchEngineWatch) – Basic beginner tips from the search engine experts.

#2 – A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics 5 (KISSmetrics) – Lots of great tips and instructions for the latest version of Google Analytics.

#3 – How To: Get Started with Google Analytics (Mashable) – Great tip-filled tutorial for beginners.

#4 – The Executive’s Guide to Google Analytics (Cutroni) – The advantages of using Google Analytics from the executive’s point of view.

#5 – How to Use Google Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide (DKSSystems) – On-site information and a FREE downloadable e-book.

#6 – Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics (Flyte) – A very detailed tutorial with screen shots.

#7 – How to Use Google Analytics (WebSEOAnalytics) – Visual cue that helps you understand how to read the data collected.

#8 – Google Analytics: 3 Beginner Tips (ADAODesign) – How it works and the data you receive from it.

#9 – A Beginner’s Glossary for Google Analytics (WhereOWare) – Learn about all the unique terms used in Google Analytics.

#10 – A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Goals in Google Analytics (SearchEngineLand) – Goal-setting for beginners.

#11 – Step-by-Step Guide to Google Analytics (ConversionVoodoo) – Easy follow guide with links and screenshots.

#12 – Terms & Tips for Beginners (TravelnetSolutions) – Great guide to terms and how to use them.

#13 – Google Analytics 101 (DoteduGuru) – Basics for beginners.

#14 – How to Get the Most Out of Analytics (24ways) – Basic settings to reporting and everything in-between.

#15 – Adding Analytics to Social Media Sites and Blogs (Hyperarts) – Evaluate your social marketing efforts.

#16 – A Beginner’s Guide to Installing Google Analytics (SEOptimize) – Great visual tutorial.

#17 – Newbie Guide to Google Analytics (MichelesPaintShop) – Friendly, straight-forward guide.

#18 – 7 Common Newbie Mistakes in Google Analytics (ROIRevolution) – Learn what to do by seeing what NOT to do.


Google Analytics Tips

If you are already using Google Analytics but are looking to take it to the next level, check out this list of tips and tricks from experienced developers and marketers.

#1 – 5 Lesser Known Google Analytics Features (TopRank) – Road-less-traveled tips that can be used to boost your experience.

#2 – How to Gain Great Insights With Google Analytics (SearchEngineLand) – In-depth tips for using the data you collect.

#3 – Advanced Google Analytics Tips and Tricks – (SEOmoz) – Advanced tips on using keywords, social media, cross domain tracking and more.

#4 – The Official Google Analytics Blog (Analytics/Blogspot) – Get tips and tricks from the experts, the actual staff at Google!

#5 – 10 Must Track Google Analytics Goals (WebAnalyticsWorld) – Better tracking and goal setting tips.

#6 – 12 Most Rewarding Tips for Google Analytics (12most)

#7 – 10 Steps to Love & Success with Google Analytics (Kaushik) – A beginner’s guide.

#8 – Internet Marketing Guide to Google Analytics (HubPages) – Great tips for Internet marketers who want to use Google Analytics.

#9 – Google Analytics Tips (SubmitEdge) – Tips to improve search engine optimization.

#10 – How to Use Google Analytics Search Data to Inspire New Content (Business2Community) – New uses for your Google data.

#11 – 11 Google Analytics Tricks (SEOmoz) – Advanced tricks.

#12 – Power User’s Guide to Google Analytics (Wordstream) – Tips from the experts.

#13 – Google Analytics Tips You Should Know (Makeuseof) – Collection of video and text tutorials.

#14 – Google Analytics Video Channel (YouTube) – From the Google team.

#15 – 23 Tips & Tweaks (SearchEnginePeople) – Wide range of useful tips.

#16 – Awesome New Features in the New Google Analytics v5 (Eugenoprea) – 14 new features you need to know about.

#17 – Time Load Management Tips (Portent) – 10 tips about the new Google Analytics.

#18 – How to Rock Your Google Analytics (eConsultancy) – Work harder AND smarter.


Google Analytics Plug-ins

Here are some great resources for developers who are already using Google Analytics but want to use third-party plug-ins, hacks and other extra add-on programs and ideas to maximize their analytical reach.

#1 – Google Analytics Set-up and Configuration Tools (GoogleAnalyticsConfig) – Click on each section for details on set-up.

#2 – Analytics Reporting Suite (Softpedia) – Desktop tool.

#3 – Is Google Analytics Installed? (TwisterMC) – Firefox extension.

#4 – Snip-n-Tag (Mozilla) – Firefox extension.

#5 – Google Shortcuts (Mozilla) – Firefox extension.

#6 – Google Analytics Plug-in (Yoast) – Plug-in for WordPress.

#7 – Get More Out of Google Analytics (OfferVault)

#8 – 5 Advanced Tips for SEM Analysis (SmartInsights)

#9 – Auto-Track File Downloads & Outbound Links Plug-in (Advanced-Web-Metrics)

#10 – Google Analytics Hacks (IQWorkForce)

#11 – Hacking Google Analytics (Six Revisions)

#12 – Google Analytics Hack (Entrepreneurs-Journey)

#13 – 5 Quick Google Analytics Hacks (SEOmoz)

#14 – How to Steal Data Back from Google (eConsultancy)

#15 – Google Cheatsheets and Shortcuts (SearchEngineJournal)

#16 – Hacking a Cohort Analysis with Google (DanHillTech)

#17 – Hack Your Real Bounce Rate in Analytics (PadiCode)


Google Analytics Expert

It really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been using it or how good you are, there’s always someone who has discovered a bigger, better or faster way of doing things – you’ll find these types of expert tips in this section.

#1 – 11 Analytics Metrics That Are Actionable (SEOmoz)

#2 – How to Import Your Google Analytics Goals into Google AdWords and Use Them with Conversion Optimizer (AdWords/Blogspot)

#3 – Advanced Google Analytics (Wevio)

#4 – Multi-Channel Funnel Tips (Distilled)

#5 – 5 Tips for Advanced Users (WebPresence)

#6 – 8 Vital Tips for Small Business Owners (TimPeter)

#7 – 7 Advanced User Tips (BBexMarketing)

#8 – Advanced Segmenting for Geographical Regions (Google)

#9 – Advanced Techniques to Enhance SEO Reporting (SEO-Creare)

#10 – Protect Your Google Analytics from Hackers (KISSmetrics)

#11 – Using Data Filters (SearchEngineLand)

#12 – A/B Testing with Google Analytics (SearchEngineLand)

#13 – Custom Variables Tutorial (TutsPlus)

#14 – 6 Powerful Analytics Features (HongKiat)

#15 – Essential Google Analytics Email Alerts (SEOmistry)

#16 – 10 Butt-Kicking Google Analytics Features (Portent)

#17 – Advanced Guide to Goals and Conversions (FatRabbitCreative)

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