From time to time, I’m asked about tools I use. Here are some of some of them. None of these are affiliate links – they’re SEO tools and other resources I genuinely love.

SEO Tools and Content Marketing Resources

  • SEMRush – this has a lot of different tools and functions within it. I use it for competitor analysis and their awesome content and keyword gap tool amongst other things
  • Little Warden – a tool that makes daily housekeeping checks on those little and easy-to-miss things that could really mess your SEO up.
  • Sitebulb – brilliant desktop website crawler with fantastic and easy to navigate output
  • – again, this is an SEO tool with a ton of different functions. I use this predominantly for
  • – a very simple, easy to use keyword tool
  • Answer the Public – content inspiration and question centric keyword research
  • Press Plugs – journalists submit requests for comment and expertise here
  • Journolink – a portfolio of digital PR tools with a solidly accessible entry price

Website Builders and E-Commerce Platforms

  • Shopblocks – super speedy e-commerce platform and website builder free of the SEO problems that plague some other platforms
  • WordPress – lots of my clients use WordPress. I use it on this site and on a couple of other sites I run